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What I wore: a vest can change everything

by Luciana Couto on October 09, 2019
Toronto Lifestyle Blogger

In this post I told you we are in the sweater season. And today I'm gonna share a tip on how to upgrade your sweater-based outfit and protect yourself a little more from the cold (especially if you live in a windy city like Toronto).


Let me tell you something: this is my first vest! As I'm not from here, some fall/winter clothes are not so obvious to me. But I decided to take a shot and try wearing vests this year. 👏👏👏

So far I love this option and that's why I'm sharing this tip with you. It's nice to have it in my purse (so less bulk than a coat!) and wear it when the wind gets stronger. At the same time I don't lose my arms movements, as it's almost the same then wearing nothing covering me.

And of course this one I'm wearing in the photo is from my store. It's available in a lot of colors but I chose this grey because I want it to pair with most of my sweaters. Maybe for my next ones I'll chose bolder colors, what do you think?

Toronto Lifestyle Blogger

Another good point about wearing vests is that it can change your look quite a bit with little effort. You can even put a vest on the same outfit you already wore all day and make it look like a different one.

You can see the same outfit without the vest below. To be honest, it changes just a little. If you want a more drastic change, I would advise you to wear a vest in a bolder color.

Toronto Lifestyle Blogger